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๐Ÿ“บ BBC Click - Season 1: Click Online: Episode 1


Itโ€™s the age old story โ€“ BBC launches new dot com programme. Dot com bubble immediately bursts. Was it our fault? Probably.

On 6th April 2000, a plucky new programme hit the air for the first time, promising to talk about something many people, and many in the media found frightening, and nerdy โ€“ technology.

No-one thought that the programme would last more than a couple of years. And yet 20 years later, Click is still here.

So please enjoy/cringe at Episode 1, starring Stephen Cole, an exciting new website that allows you to calculate currency rates, a guide on how to copy photos off those new fangled digital cameras, and a review of the upcoming Playstation 2, conducted on the boot of a car.

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