Your computer is working slowly? add these hardware to make fast

Is your computer working slowly? If so, you may not be using the best computer settings. Do you have to tweak a settings file? Maybe there are system errors? Learn how to speed up your computer by adding the hardware mentioned in this article.

Your computer is working slowly add these hardware to make fast

If you are someone who is wondering how to make your computer work faster or how to fix a slow computer, then this article may be helpful for you. Here are some of the most effective ways to make your computer run faster on its own, without having to spend money on new computers or anti-viruses programs.

What is the best way to make my computer work faster?

Most people ask this question. It is hard to believe that a computer with the fastest speed is a slow one, and someone with an old, slow computer can make it work faster with a little bit of know-how. This, however, is not true at all.

In fact, the more you know about computers, the faster they will run. We have put together some effective ways to make your computer run faster, without having to spend money on new computers or antivirus programs.

Get rid of the cookies Cookies can slow down your computer. They come from the browser of your choice, but they are only there for convenience. The more you open the browser, the more likely you are to be hit by these cookies. The solution to this is to simply stop opening the browser if you don’t need to.

Things you should avoid

To get faster and perform better on your computer, you should avoid these things: Virtualization Virtualization is essentially a technique of keeping the operating system separate from other pieces of software or hardware. Usually, a virtualization software is installed in your computer to make it able to run multiple operating systems such as windows or Linux.

But, it can bring disadvantages to your computer because it makes it unable to deal with hardware failures or aging, which can make your computer slow down as time passes. Outdated software This is something that is easy to do, but hard to avoid. The problem with a slow computer is that it gets older and older, and that’s why it becomes slow and unresponsive.

Disk clean-up

Download the Recover a Lost Default Windows Computer or Delete Default Programs that can get your computer working faster without spending money on anti-virus programs. There are other programs you can use to clean-up your computer if you are having problems with its speed or memory space. This may mean that you have to wipe-out a few old computer files, that have to be deleted from your computer.

Before deleting these, save them somewhere else, so that you don’t loose your data. Most companies that sell computer software have an option to back-up files to another location and then delete the files from your computer. This option will be useful if you think you have lost your data.

Turn off background programs

The biggest problem that people face with their computers is that they either turn their computers off while they go to work or at night. This action in itself makes the computer idle for most of the day and night and the only time it gets some real work done is while they are sleeping or working.

However, if your computer doesn’t idle all day, then you have to go through a rather difficult process of refreshing the hard drive, forcing it to spin down and deleting all of the viruses and junk files. One good way of doing this is to get your computer into sleep mode and then run the ‘Ensure Power on Requirement’ process on the Windows Update of your computer.

The process is done using the shortcut C:\Windows\Update\Ensure Power on Requirement\EPROM.

Disable unnecessary startup programs

Like many other modern computers, the Windows 7 does not start your computer up by itself. Instead, it asks you to, if you are not already running, to start it. The reason for this is that the computer needs a few seconds to get itself ready to be used.

So, if you are not already running, then you need to start it. To do this, click the Start button and then click on Run. On the next screen, click on Advanced system settings, and then click on Startup and Security, and then click on Automatic system detection and click OK.

This will force your computer to start up from scratch, before it can connect to the Internet. Disable inessential hardware Most modern computers have a lot of extra hardware that you don’t need.

Increase your memory speed

Use this tip to speed up your computer. According to tech experts, the best way to make your computer run faster is to increase your RAM speed. Most people have 3.5 GB of RAM but they fail to make full use of this memory because they do not have enough space to keep their documents and other files in their computer.

If you have enough space on your computer, then you should delete those unnecessary files to increase the RAM speed. Clean the hard disk All the files, photos and videos on your computer may be useless to you if they do not run at a decent speed. So, make it easy for you to clean your hard disk in order to make it faster.

You can opt for a program that allows you to free up some space and clean the files on your hard disk, in an organized manner.

Troubleshoot your hard drive

If you notice any sort of “blinking lights” on your computer, try to sort it out. Do a disk scan to identify if anything bad has been infected on your hard drive. The scanner should run for a few minutes and then shows any errors. Check for errors using the “disk utility”.

If you find an error, then simply delete it, restart the computer and see if the issue is resolved. If not, then make sure you have a strong anti-virus software or a reputable hardware repair company you can trust.

Fix CPU Most CPUs can be fixed and repaired with little trouble. However, you will need to determine whether the problem lies in the CPU or in the motherboard or motherboard board, etc.

Run a check on your hard drive

You can run a check on your hard drive by logging in to your computer and then open the terminal. Just type ‘df -h’ to view its status and type ‘ps -a’ to see its list of hard drive sectors. Type in ‘sudows -a’ in the terminal to view the list of sectors and to check their status. Find the sector which has the slowest read speed and delete it.

Restart your computer or delete your RAM Make sure your computer is turned on and connected to power. Press and hold the Shift and Alt keys to bring up the ‘Power Off’ command and then press the ‘Del’ key to enter into the shutdown mode of your computer.

Press the ‘Power On’ key to restart your computer and enter into its ‘Safe Mode’ in order to delete the slow sectors from your hard drive.

Consider getting an SSD or upgrading your old one

External Hard Drives Many users have reported that their hard drive slows down when they have multiple large files or you have lots of multimedia files like videos and games. One quick solution to this problem is to upgrade your external hard drive.

You can either get a 2TB drive from a place like Amazon or NewEgg for around $75 or you can get a 4TB drive from Amazon for around $200. This will definitely improve your load times and save your hard drive space too.

Swapping your hard drive out This is another good solution to the slowdowns when you have a large library or files. To do this, you just need to remove your data from your hard drive and then run an in-place tool like dd to put it into a blank partition.