The Top 10 best hardware which make your pc super fast

Many people are wondering if the top 10 best hardware that make your computer super fast also includes motherboard and memory speed. You might be surprised to know that they are actually one in the same, as both have a big impact on how fast your computer can run. If you want to speed up your computer, then it would be wise to find out what the top 10 best hardware that make your computer super fast also includes.

This will help you determine what type of hardware you need in order to speed up your PC. However, you need to make sure that you do not buy any hardware from an online retailer, as you get what you pay for.

The Top 10 best hardware which make your pc super fast

Computers are not the only things that need to be upgraded with time. There are different parts in a computer that need to be properly maintained with time. These parts include motherboard, CPU, RAM, hard disk drive etc. If you want to make your pc one of the fastest ones in the world, try replacing some of these with new ones. Here are 10 best hardware which can make your pc super fast.

Have you tried and tested all these hardware and software and still have not got it running at its full potential? Do you think that if you use these software and hardware that they might actually help speed up your computer? Well let me tell you that yes, in fact all these things can help your pc run faster.

The top best hardware which make your pc super fast

Memory speed is also one of the main reasons why Windows boots up fast. Without enough memory speeds, your computer may freeze or even crash, because it cannot process information quickly. Therefore, if you want to speed up Windows, then you should ensure that you increase the amount of memory installed on your PC.

Moreover, if you are running multiple programs at the same time, then you can save all the running programs and data on a separate disk, so that you do not have to reboot your system when a program is finished.

motherboard speed is one of the top 10 best hardware that make your computer super fast, especially if you use dual core processors. These processors work by having two processors in each dual core motherboard.

What happens with these is that there is a constant load on each processor, which causes the software programs on your computer to work very slowly. In many cases, the computers may even crash. It is therefore advisable to replace old dual core motherboards with new faster ones, which will ensure better performance from your PC.

In addition to this, if you are a gaming fan, then it is recommended to upgrade your graphics card, which will allow you to play games at higher graphical quality levels than your current one has.

How do these parts need to be maintained?

This is mainly due to the fact that when you use these software programs which promise to improve the performance of your pc they often do so by using a lot of different hardware inside. Because a lot of the software companies who create these applications do not have the resources to continually develop software which works on a variety of different hardware.

Which is why there are times when you may get what you pay for. In fact, some software programs which claim to be able to boost the performance of your PC by leaps and bounds will actually cause your system to become slower and will actually require you to purchase additional hardware in order to fix any problems.

A motherboard has more components than a CPU, RAM etc. It is the central hub of the computer. While a CPU only needs to be replaced if the fan stops working, a motherboard is very delicate. For that you will have to do a lot of checks.

The motherboard should be tested to see whether it’s operating fine. You should also check the connections on the motherboard to see if they are functioning fine. The motherboard must be replaced if there is any damage or it gets overheated.

The motherboard is mostly made up of aluminium and these components wear and tear if the motherboard is not properly maintained. Cabling also plays an important role. The motherboard needs to be connected with proper connectors.

Tips and tricks on how to maintain your pc

1. Back up your hard drive.

2. Clean out unused partitions.

3. Clean out your computer.

4. Don’t install or run anything you don’t need.

5. Delete unnecessary files on your hard drive.

6. Clean your keyboard and mouse.

7. Clean your monitor.

8. Use anti-virus software on your pc.

9. Try to clear your registry.

10. Don’t run software that you don’t need.

Back up your hard drive If you keep your system backed up on external hard drives, it is very easy to recover your system. You can also use online software to back up your hard drive like, Carbonite.

Some software programs will automatically schedule scans each day to check each of the files which are using most of the resources in your computer.

Other programs will be able to scan your entire hard drive at once in order to speed up the entire process. Software programs are essential in speeding up a PC and with a quality suite you should notice a big improvement in your pc’s speed in no time.

Windows XP registry cleaner which can perform a similar function. But they are not as effective because they tend to just delete the files that your computer needs to run. But when you use a professional registry cleaner which has been created by a company who actually has the resources to make sure that it is effective on all versions of Windows, then you will get the most benefits.

This is why you should always try and scan with a software program which is able to identify the most errors on your computer and fix them accordingly.


Chances are your older system may no longer be able to handle the latest game and processing capabilities so you can’t expect it to be as fast as other newer PCs. So it is a good idea to get it replaced as soon as you can.