The most popular 10 games which are 40 years old

The most popular 10 games that are 40 years old have a lot of things in common. Most people remember playing these games on the Atari or other home computer systems, and while there are some differences, they are mostly about action and adventure with a little bit of puzzle thrown in. While the hardware has changed over the years, much of the action and fun of those games can be enjoyed today on your personal computer through online game services, downloadable content or through game boards where there is live play.

The first video game was invented in 1958 and called “Tennis for Two”. This was not like any other tennis video game we know today, it had no monitor and was played by hitting a button to simulate hitting the ball back and forth.
The most popular 10 games which are 40 years old, such as Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros., Tetris, Pong, Donkey Kong, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Space Invaders and Sonic The Hedgehog.


The most popular 10 games which are 40 years old

Most popular games which are at least 40 years old

There are many ways to measure the success of a game. Perhaps the most obvious one is by its longevity? Plenty of games have come and gone, but there are some which you can still play today


The first and quite possibly the most recognizable of the puzzle game franchises is of course Tetris, which has been around since 1983. It was one of the very first major attempts at creating a puzzle game which required the player to use logic instead of pure hand-eye coordination, and it became an instant hit.

The basic principle of the game is to line up five block shapes (usually triangular) in a straight line and eliminate them by hitting them where they intersect. You need to know at least some of the basic rules of how to play the game, and you will also need to know a few strategies to succeed.

In recent times, more sophisticated methods have been created, but Tetris remains an enjoyable classic that you can play for hours on end and enjoy just as much fun as you did when you were a kid.


The second most popular game which is over forty years old is Backgammon, which was first published by Dynamics in what was probably the simplest form yet. Although backgammon engines are now more complex than ever, the basic game is perhaps the most intuitive and simple of all of them.

The aim is to construct your opponent’s board by carefully removing from it the fifteen black pieces which are your pieces and to then get them back on the board by hitting the corresponding square. You win by eliminating all your opponents.

Settlers of Canaan

One of the most popular games which are available on the World Wide Web is a game called Settlers of Canaan. This is a text-based text game, which requires players to build an colony, make friends, trade resources, and fight wars against other players. It is comparable to the old-time strategy games which were popular at one time. Players will need to accumulate food, build structures, research technologies, and protect their colonies from other players.


Another very popular game that was available on computers during the era of the Information Age was the game called Solitaire. This type of game required a player to eliminate all of the tiles by themselves by matching pairs of cards. The actual goal is to remove all of the tiles by themselves without dropping any of them. While this game was very difficult, it was also very addictive and many people who played it for fun actually continued to play it for years.

Age of War

The last section in this list of the most popular games which are on the internet deals with strategy games. In this category you will find titles such as Age of War and Fall of Rome. These games put you in the role of either one of the characters in the story or one of the characters in the game itself. They often require you to construct an entire civilization from the ground up. Some of these games required real life military strategies while others required great deal of cunning and resourcefulness.

Space Invaders

One of the first computer games which became popular was Space Invaders. This was created by the game designer Robert Pitchford. This game was one of the first texts which could be accessed on personal computers across the United States and Europe. The reason for this is that it helped to spur the development of the Information Age; it also provided entertainment for millions of Americans and Europeans who were staying at home during the Great Depression.

If one is familiar with some of the classic arcade games which have become popular again in the twenty-first century, such as Space Invaders, Pac Man, and Donkey Kong, then chances are that one can still appreciate the simple logic behind them.

Computer games which require little or no skill are known as arcade games. Many of the early versions of these games were simply very simple text-based affairs. As more time was spent testing the games, more complex versions were created. Today there are dozens of arcade games which can easily be found on websites online. Many of the classic games that we played as children were also created by this method.

All of the games which were listed here can easily be found for free online. They can also easily be found on sites which promote free games. Most of the popular games which were introduced in the mid 90s can still be found on numerous sites today. Due to the success of these games, a new breed of games was born and they are still alive and well today.

These games are classic because they solve problems by figuring out the best way to beat the competition.

They require very simple thinking and logical thinking skills. This same “problem-solving” ability is one which is required if one wants to play the classic games of today, and especially the ones which are available on the World Wide Web.