How has the television evolved for 40 years you should know

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In the past 40 years, television has changed a lot. It used to be that families would sit around and watch their favorite programs together. But now, more and more people are watching television on their own. The reality is that television has changed even more than we thought.


TVs were first introduced in America in 1954 by Philco. At the time, the technology used to create the television was very limited. But the interest in television started to grow, and companies started to manufacture televisions with larger and better screens.

How Has The Television Evolved For 40 Years You Should Know


The first high-definition television In 1972, the first high-definition television was produced. According to the National Museum of American History, the first true HD television, known as the RCA HD-2, had a 2-inch pixel pitch.

The first 8mm VHS tapes In 1976, Sony introduced the first 8mm home video cassette recorder. These first 8mm videos were sold as gifts. The market for these came and went, and soon home video tapes were replaced with DVDs.

So, the first versions of television set which were the pioneers in this industry would have single antenna and that was all. There was a time when television sets did not even come with remote controls and the use of the television was confined to inside the room and that too for the purpose of viewing only a limited range of channels. It would either allow you to watch a program which was being broadcasted from some other part of the world or it would display the picture of whatever was being transmitted.


Television today is a much bigger affair. In the past, it would have required a complete set of hardware and today the market has provided a lot of options for these pieces of hardware. Initially, television used to be transmitted through radio waves.

But as the technology advanced, signals became more reliable and cheaper. Today, the popularity of the television has increased not only because of the high quality of the images and videos, but also because of the hardware options available.

The Early Days of Television

The roots of television can be traced back to the invention of the telegraph and Morse code. The first TVs were invented and invented for the purpose of recording radio signals. Photo courtesy of According to Emporium 24-7, “the first commercial television broadcasts were given by the BBC in 1936.

It was called BBC Television Service and was set up to provide regular broadcasts of educational programming during the day for children. Later on in 1938, the BBC rebranded it BBC Rediffusion, where it then became known as Rediffusion London.

” The first regular television transmission in the United States was the 1939 Radio-TV Newsreel and “The Picture of Light” from RCA’s Empire State Building. Other early experiments in television also occurred in 1939 in Germany.

Programs Turning Into Movies

Not too long ago, TV movies and miniseries were considered one of the most prestigious parts of television. But nowadays, the reality is that we are watching the same shows on their own. Sometimes, even worse.

 There was the series that many families watched together, The Waltons. Now, we can watch the entire show on our own.  Perhaps that’s not the worst thing though.  Because it used to be that we’d all gather together around the TV. Now, there’s no one left to watch with.

Recording Changes Viewers used to be able to record the show they wanted to watch to watch it later. Now, that’s not possible. Â Television shows are not recorded in the way that they were a generation ago. They’re not made on tape anymore. They’re created digitally on computers.

Reality TV

Starting in 2006 with “The Real World,” the television show “reality TV” was introduced to the world. You could see the effects of it first-hand the day after the famous bathroom fight between Josh and Tony from “The O.C.

” In 2008, we saw the rise of so-called “reality TV” when “Big Brother” premiered. In the first season, six strangers lived in a house together, competing in games, tasks, activities and interpersonal relationships.

It was one of the first reality shows to become a hit, as it aired on CBS. Joint or solo? For a long time, viewers were torn between watching alone or with a group of people. In 2005, this was made clear when the television show “Lost” premiered.

Adverts and Sponsored Programmes

In the past, whenever a new television show or advert came on air, the commercials would play before the programme. This was seen as a way to get more money from viewers because the audience was spending money on something they wanted.

But over the years, this changed. Advertising channels have become more conscious about their audience and when they appear on the screen, they want viewers to see them first. So, when you see the advert before a programme, it will be to sell something you will find on the television channel, and not the programme.

The use of sponsored programmes has also changed. When advertisers first started to air sponsored programmes, they would show other programmes. The sponsor would choose which programme would air.

What Happens Next?

Do you know what will happen next on an episode of your favorite TV show? Your TV is your home entertainment system. It’s the device you turn to for Netflix binges, binge-watching Amazon Prime, or huddling with family and friends to watch your favorite team during big game day.It’s not just the main thing that goes into your living room, it’s also how you interact with other people in your home.

Technology is always changing. And what better place to start than with the TV? Today’s technology has enabled developers to create innovative smart TVs that are more interactive and connected than ever before. The future of TVs is here! There are many new, cutting-edge technologies on the horizon


I can assure you, the 1970s were a decade that every television producer remembers and dreams about. Â You may think that your show would never be so big, but you are going to get a few steps closer than you think.

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