7 Important computer components that make computers work

Computers are complicated devices. They consist of many different hardware and software components working together to help the CPU perform operations and provide data. But like all complex machines, computers need to have parts that are dependable and able to run reliably. Hardware issues, if left unchecked, can cause serious damage to a PC or laptop. When hardware doesn’t work right, a computer user will encounter performance problems. This is why it’s so important to be aware of the essential hardware and software components of your computer.

7 Important computer components that make computers work

7 Important computer components


The first component that we will start with is the case, or, computer case. The case houses and protects your computer’s components. If you look closely at your computer case, you will notice that the case usually has a ridge or a bezel on the back. This is where the motherboard is located. This is the main part of your computer, and what controls how your computer behaves.

The motherboard is the most important component in your computer, as it is what controls how it works. It contains all of the components of your computer, so it should have a lot of components. The amount of components it contains determine how powerful your computer can be, how fast it can perform, and also what features your computer will have.

The case protects the other components

The motherboard is one of the most important parts of your computer and is responsible for reading and setting up information in the memory. It’s also the part of the computer that holds all the microprocessors and other electronics. Without the motherboard, your computer wouldn’t be able to read and set up the information.

The motherboard is also responsible for connecting the various other parts of the computer, so if the motherboard fails it could cause problems with all the other parts.RAM, or Random Access Memory, is the most essential part of your computer. Without the RAM your computer wouldn’t be able to store any information and would slow down massively.

This is why the RAM is the most expensive component in your computer and is why you should replace it every now and then.

The case is important for ventilation

Some days it can get hot and humid, especially in the summer time. A computer case is meant to keep that heat and humidity away. It can keep the hot air from condensing and pouring out of your case. This lets your laptop/PC perform at its best. It also reduces the risk of your laptop overheating and frying itself. That said, the case can play a key role in keeping the components of your computer cool, as well.

The CPU This is the piece of hardware that helps your computer run and run smoothly. It’s the brain of your machine. It handles the math and calculations that makes everything work. If you use a program, the CPU does the heavy lifting for you. This part of the computer can help you play computer games and listen to music, for example.


The motherboard, also known as the processor or central processing unit, is the brain of your computer and one of the most important components. The motherboard is a very small computer part that manages all of the other components of your computer and determines their relative status. It is also responsible for communicating with other components of your computer to make sure that they are communicating with one another.

It can control various important features of your computer, such as, powering the CPU and directing the ports. CPU The CPU, also known as the processor or central processing unit, is the brain of your computer. The CPU is responsible for a lot of the computer’s functionality.

The motherboard is the heart of your computer

It makes up the “brains” of your computer and is responsible for communicating with the various processors that power your computer.The motherboard is made up of eight parts. It contains: the CPU, the RAM, the hard drive, the power supply, the audio amplifier, the Ethernet card, the Serial port, the DVD drive.

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How does a motherboard work?

When a computer is turned on, it tries to connect to the power supply, or power, in order to power it. The motherboard connects all the parts of the computer together. It helps the CPU to read the electrical signals from the power source. However, the motherboard is not what controls the CPU. Rather, the CPU controls the motherboard.

Hard drives, (Also known as solid-state drives, SSDs) It is one of the most important components in a computer. It holds your files and programs. For a computer to work, it needs data to run. It is the only thing the CPU has to read. Because there is no way to store all the information in a laptop and it needs a hard drive to hold all the information. Some models require the user to purchase a hard drive to install.


The CPU is responsible for the function of the computer. It is very important because it basically runs all the other components that make up the computer. It is the ‘brain’ of the computer and a very important part of its functionality. CPU – Hard drive Hard drives hold the most amount of data that a computer will ever hold. In a typical PC, the hard drive holds the information about your software such as your operating system and applications.

A hard drive keeps everything organized and accessible for you. The hard drive also ensures that the computer is running. The hard drive keeps everything in place, from graphics, files and even operating system. GPU – RAM The GPU is a computer component that processes and does everything that makes the computer work.

What does the CPU do?

The CPU is the center piece of your computer and the most powerful computer component. It’s used to do all the complex calculations and is really important in making computers run smoothly and efficiently. Here’s a short video that explains what the CPU does and how it works. Computers need a power supply to function There’s only one way to power your computer and that is with a power supply.

The power supply connects the rest of the components and can generate large amounts of electricity to keep your computer going. This can sometimes be a problem because not all power supplies are reliable and some are very dangerous. This video explains how the power supply works.

4.Hard Drives

The first and most important component in a computer is the hard drive. A hard drive is the most essential of all components for your computer to run. It is essential that the hard drive works efficiently. When a computer’s hard drive is not efficient, the computer runs slower. Hard drives have a read/write ratio of roughly 1:1. A hard drive is made up of a disc and a controller chip.

The read and write sectors are read and written by the read controller chip. The write and read speed are determined by the spinning speed of the read/write heads of the drive. The read controller chip is designed to take advantage of the different capabilities of the hard drive. These capacities include read speed, the random access capability and sequential access.

5.Memory card

Another important computer component that makes your laptop work is the memory card. There are many different types of memory cards that you can purchase for your laptop. Some of the different types of memory cards include Compact Flash Cards, Secure Digital (SD), Mini DV, Memory Stick and Compact Card. Each memory card has different storage capacities and speeds. Some of the most popular memory cards include SanDisk, HGX and WD memory cards.

6.Mouse and a touchpad

A mouse and a touchpad are also important pieces of hardware for your computer. You can purchase a wireless mouse or you may want to consider a Bluetooth device. These components will allow you to use your laptop keyboard without having to get up to use the keyboard.

7.Power supplies

Power supplies are a vital part of your computer. It is the single most important thing that connects your computer to its power supply. You should make sure that you keep your power supply in good condition. You can check it for any signs of damage.

This will alert you to any problems before they become serious. Using a completely empty power supply for your computer can cause it to operate at an increased speed. However, using a completely full power supply may also cause damage. Always choose a power supply that has enough juice to provide your computer with a steady amount of power.

If you are looking at a high-end computer, you’re probably looking at a gaming computer. Gaming computers all have processors, graphic cards and hard drives. They also have specialized video cards to handle the intense graphics that games demand. The hard drives are usually in the ‘SSD’ drive format. This means that the SSD drives are much faster than traditional hard drives.