10 best suitable pc games for kids

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Want to know what the 10 best suitable PC games for kids are? Well, it’s not really that tough a question to answer given the fact that these games offer the most enjoyable experience for your children. As a matter of fact, kids nowadays are no longer limited by their age and they can choose any game that appeals to them. At this point, you need to understand that most parents nowadays opt for computer games with educational value. As a result, you can be assured that your kids will have fun while learning at the same time.


In order to find the most suitable PC games for kids, you have to be aware of the hardware that is most appropriate for your child’s PC. Although many parents think that this will be more costly than buying a gaming console for their kids, there is no doubt about it anymore.

To begin with, it doesn’t cost much more. In fact, the best part is that they don’t even require too high end hardware. It’s all about getting a good antivirus program for your kid, an optimized computer system, and a good graphics card.


ROBLox is frequently described as the worlds most popular online game, with millions of users logging on to play every day. In fact, ROBLox has recently outsold even the worldwide user numbers of Minecraft. The fact that this game involves building anything from your very own home to massive skyscrapers and alien bases is part of the allure of ROBLox.

For parents with children who enjoy creating things from their imagination, as well as interacting with other players, this game can provide an excellent outlet for creativity and computer skill development. Here are some ways in which this online platform can benefit children.


You probably have heard of or played Minecraft before if you play online. It’s basically an update of the classic game called Dwarf Fortress, and it is now one of the most popular games on Facebook and other virtual communities for gamers.

10 Best Suitable Pc Games For Kids


Cuphead is an upcoming game developed by Studio MDHR and published by Microsoft Studios Europe. The game is inspired by the famous rubber ducky style of animation utilized in early cartoons from the early golden age of American animated cartoon, also called the animation classic.

The game will be available for download from the officially licensed Microsoft Studios European site at sometime during the second half of 2021. If you are a fan of animation classic or just want to play the newest and most exciting games on Xbox Live Arcade, Cuphead is the one for you!

Rocket League

Rocket League is a high definition, online multi-player sports video game rated PEGI 3 which mixes car racing and soccer in one. It usually involves two teams fighting each other in an endless number of rounds which involve both car-based soccer, car shooting, and rugby to score the highest points. The game is entirely played on the ground using a driving control similar to that of the PlayStation’s Gran Turismo and used with a keyboard and mouse.

The game mechanics are simple enough that anyone can pick it up and play within a short period of time. Even though Rocket League features some adult players, it is completely appropriate for children under the age of 13 as long as they have Internet access and a few other basic gaming skills.


Some of the top game developers of this particular sport include Psyonix, a developer located in North Palm Beach, Florida, and Nintendo, who currently hold the majority share of the console and handheld gaming marketA lot of the credit goes to Psyonix for helping to popularize the game worldwide with its highly interactive and exciting game play and quality graphics.

Rocket League’s developers have also produced several interactive modes for the game that will entertain and teach children and adults alike, such as the versus mode which allows you to pit your own personal car against the cars of other players, the Score Attack mode which challenges you to rack up the highest score possible, the Power Play mode which provides you with various options to use in order to score goals, and the Arena mode, which pits two teams of players against each other until one team has earned the win.

Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4 also brings back classic fans of the franchise, introducing a host of downloadable options for the hardcore fans, who still want more of the addictive action of the game. The original game is included in the package for an even better experience, as is the all-in-one car pack that includes the Xbox 360 game, plus four classic Xbox games: Pilot Wings, Fable Anniversary, Kinect Adventures and Quantum Break.

In case you missed it, we’ve got the news that Forza Horizon is going to receive another update early next year called “Millionaire Mode”, which will feature a brand new track and game style. We expect that this new update will really boost the game up on the visual front and give it the much-needed makeover, so we’ll be looking forward to seeing what comes in the next few months / years.

Forza Horizon is truly a timeless game, which will never grow old, thanks to its adaptable gameplay, and the unrivalled handling and motion-capture gaming that makes the game look so real.

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3

If you’re looking for a great family game, this is definitely the one for you. If you’ve played previous versions, you’ll easily understand the basic story and what it’s all about. However, if you have never played a racing game like Forza Horizon, you should definitely check it out, because you won’t be disappointed.

Forza Horizon is definitely a must-have game for Xbox 360 fans, regardless of how young or old they are. Forza Horizon is the perfect choice if you want an experience that’s all around fun, with the added benefit of having some really cool kids’ accessories.

LEGO Star War

LEGO Star Wars: The Videogame is a multi-player browser-based game based on the popular LEGO Star Wars series, and is an unofficial adaptation of the franchise, which has been licensed by Disney for the purpose of providing fans with an interactive play experience using the Lego brand.

The game’s protagonist is the dark knight Luke Skywalker, who has been depicted as a lifelong Padawan in the films. As you would expect, the game features hundreds of LEGO building sets, as well as vehicles, space vessels and battle fields.

You can build all manner of Star Wars vehicles, from simple passenger ships to massive space shuttles, and complete with interchangeable parts that can be combined and changed at will.

Musical Chairs

The Musical Chairs PC Game is the sequel to the successful “Trip To Jerusalem” downloadable iPhone App. In this release, the journey takes you to the Holy land via a palm tree, and there are many new tracks and challenges awaiting you.

New characters include the archangel Michael, and a mysterious older relative of Jesus. Enjoy the adventure as you follow Jesus on his journey to become the saviour of humanity, while battling evil enemies.

Finally, kids’ gaming consoles are also great options. Not only do they have games designed specifically for kids, they also have special controllers that make playing easier. You can choose from numerous kid-friendly game consoles. Just make sure that you get one that is suitable for the age of your child.