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FoundationDB Then and Now


FoundationDB is 9 years old

Launched in: March 4, 2013
Developer(s): Apple
Current Version: 6.2.11[1]
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How FoundationDB looked like and how it is now:


Screenshot not available.


    Screenshot not available.


      FoundationDB is a free and open-source multi-model distributed NoSQL database developed by Apple Inc. with a shared-nothing architecture. The product was designed around a โ€œcoreโ€ database, with additional features supplied in โ€œlayers.โ€ The core database exposes an ordered key-value store with transactions. The transactions are able to read or write multiple keys stored on any machine in the cluster while fully supporting ACID properties. Transactions are used to implement a variety of data models via layers.

      How old is FoundationDB ?


      FoundationDB is 9 years old. FoundationDB was founded in March 4, 2013 by Apple .

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