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Score! Then and Now


Score! is 10 years old

Launched in: May 17, 2012
Developer(s): First Touch
Video GamesPuzzlesoccerAndroidiOS ๐Ÿ”—

How Score! looked like and how it is now:


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      AppSpy said โ€ For fans of football and those looking for a fun time waster, Score! Classic Goals draws you in with its simplicity and soon catches you within the atmosphere and excitement of some of the sportโ€™s most famous goals. โ€œ[2] PocletGamerUK wrote โ€œScore! Classic Goals is a fantastic idea, executed marvellously. Why did no one think of this sooner? โ€œ[3] TouchArcade said โ€œA must-own, Score! Classic Goals is a love letter to the game of soccer. โ€œ[4] 148Apps said โ€œEssentially, itโ€™s a soccer themed puzzle game. Figuring out the best route to take and lining up shots just right is the focus here. While itโ€™s not possible to deviate from the original plan, there are still some important physics to take into account. Unlocking Pro mode reinforces this as it takes line drawing speed into account which can change everything. โ€œ[5] TouchGen said โ€œScore! Classic Goals is one of those games that I want everyone to try no matter if you are diehard soccer fan, or just a gamer. Sure those haters out there wonโ€™t like it, but I wouldnโ€™t want them near this game either, as they would soil it with negativity. โ€œ[6] Multiplayer.it said โ€œScore! Classic Goals is an original and enjoyable take on the football genre that fails to be really great due to a strong repetitiveness and some issues in game design. โ€œ[7] VideoGamer wrote โ€œThe gameโ€™s excellent presentation โ€“ itโ€™s got a vibe of one of those football magazines your friends (or even you, perhaps) used to buy when you were a kid โ€“ and responsive, tactile nature make playing it a simple, punchy delight. I might have no idea what constitutes a classic goal, but itโ€™s impossible not to notice that Score! is a quality game. โ€œ[8

      How old is Score! ?


      Score! is 10 years old. Score! was founded in May 17, 2012 by First Touch.

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