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Nimbuzz Then and Now


Nimbuzz is 14 years old

Launched in: May 13, 2008
Developer(s): MSM Global Holdings Limited
Current Version: 7.1.0
Appsinstant messenger (IM)AndroidiOSLinuxMac OSWindows ๐Ÿ”—

How Nimbuzz looked like and how it is now:


Screenshot not available.


    Screenshot not available.


      Nimbuzz is a proprietary cross-platform instant messaging and voice-over-IP provider and aggregator for smartphones, tablets and personal computers developed by MSM Global Holdings Limited, with the origins of its technology dating back to the early 2000s. As of March 2013, Nimbuzz had 150 million users in 200 countries. By April 2014, Nimbuzz was growing by more than 210,000 new registrations per day. In October 2014, now with over 200 million users, New Call acquired 70% of Nimbuzz, valuing the app at $250 million. Under CEO Anubhav Nagarโ€™s leadership from March 2015, the Nimbuzz suite of applications enables users to enjoy free calls, instant messaging, social-network games, file sharing, and social networking on their mobile device. In addition, Nimbuzz offers discounted calling rates to most countries in the world. The platform processes more than a billion call minutes and in excess of 100 billion messages a month. The Nimbuzz site and servers went offline in mid-2019 and remain unavailable as at August 2020, although from August 2019 their Facebook page promises to relaunch soon as Nimbuzz Kuraakani.

      How old is Nimbuzz ?


      Nimbuzz is 14 years old. Nimbuzz was founded in May 13, 2008 by MSM Global Holdings Limited.

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