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The Inquirer Then and Now

The Inquirer
The Inquirer

The Inquirer

Launched in: January 1, 2001
Developer(s): Incisive Media Ltd.
Discontinued: 2019
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Reason of death ๐Ÿ‘ป

How The Inquirer looked like and how it is now:


Philly Dot Com Webpage 2006


The Inquirer


The Inquirer was a British technology tabloid website founded by Mike Magee after his departure from The Register (of which he was one of the founding members) in 2001. In 2006 the site was acquired by Dutch publisher Verenigde Nederlandse Uitgeverijen (VNU). Mike Magee later left The Inquirer in February 2008 to work on the IT Examiner.

Historically, the magazine was entirely Internet-based with its journalists living all over the world and filing copy online, though in recent years it has been edited from Incisive Media’s offices in London.

Although traditionally a ‘red top’, under Incisive Media it has put more weight behind its journalism, reducing the number of jibes at companies, and moved instead towards sponsored online debates in association with high-profile organisations, most recently, Intel.

The Inquirer ceased publishing on 19 December 2019, partly due to declining digital advertising revenues.

How old is The Inquirer ?


The Inquirer is 21 years old. The Inquirer was founded in January 1, 2001 by Incisive Media Ltd..

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