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Darius Then and Now


Darius is 35 years old

Launched in: February 1, 1987
Developer(s): Taito
Current Version: Darius PS4 2016
Video GamesHorizontal-scrolling shooter

How Darius looked like and how it is now:


Screenshot not available.


    Screenshot not available.


      Darius is a 1987 horizontal-scrolling shooter arcade game developed and published by Taito. Players control a starship named the Silver Hawk in its mission to destroy the Belser empire before they wipe out the planet Darius. Its gameplay involves traversing through a series of scrolling levels while destroying enemies and collecting power-up icons. It is notable for its unique three-screen panoramic display.

      The game was designed by a small team of others lead by Junji Yarita. In contrast to other similar games, which feature mechanical or insect-like enemies, Darius uses aquatic creatures like fish and crabs for its enemies and screen-filling bosses. Its large arcade cabinet, based on Taito’s earlier panoramic display game Laser Grand Prix 1983, was designed to provide a cinematic atmosphere and stand out from other games at the time. The soundtrack was created by Taito’s “house band” Zuntata, the majority being composed through a combination of FM synthesis and sampling.

      How old is Darius ?


      Darius is 35 years old. Darius was founded in February 1, 1987 by Taito.

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